Playing in the rain

by /   Friday, 01 January 2010 /     Published in News

5 Top Tips!

Get a trolley and a brolly

Help keep everything off the ground and nice and dry, a brolly attachment on your trolley also allows you to keep an extra hand free.

Keep plenty of spare gloves handy

Never throw away an old glove but save them for a rainy day, change your gloves every time one becomes too wet to hold the club.

Take an extra club

Use one more club than normal, as this will allow you to make a smoother and more controlled swing to achieve the required distance.

Put your hood up

Not on your waterproofs but on your bag, this stops rain landing on the club heads and dripping down the shafts and on to the grips.

Stay positive

Nobody likes playing in the rain, but if you can stay upbeat when everybody else is struggling, what might normally feel like an average score might just be good enough to win!