Jeremy Lay on Short Game

by /   Friday, 01 January 2010 /     Published in News

It was refreshing today to go to our great short game centre to give a lesson, only to find that all the greens were in use! So often, players come to practise their driving and the short game is often ignored. After playing a round of golf, have you ever counted the number of full swings against the number of putts, chips, pitches etc? You may be surprised! For many people who play at Playgolf London, there will be 11 full swings (assuming no disasters!) and at least 18 (for level par) short shots!

Mastering the short game is relatively easy; it just takes a little bit of know-how, coupled with a bit of practice! Short game lessons are often the most rewarding for a coach as the pupil learns the basics required to turn three shots into two or one.
The facilities here provide us with an excellent opportunity for us to coach all aspects of the short game, giving you the know-how and therefore the opportunity to lower your scores; often quite significantly!

Here are a few tips; I hope they will help.



For a reasonably good ball striker, the introduction of a gap wedge is absolutely essential for shots under 125 yards. I would recommend gaps of no more than 5 degrees in between wedges. Having just a sand wedge at 56 degrees and a pitching wedge with 46-47 degrees of loft leaves potentially a 20 yard gap between clubs…way too much!
Modern speciality wedges, such as Cleveland and Titleist provide so much spin and control around the greens! I would be lost without my Vokey!
And don’t forget to keep those grooves clean if you want the ball to stop, particularly as the greens begin to dry out!


Softer balls, such as Titleist’s Pro V1 may not be ideal for the player with a big slice or the player searching for distance, but the feel and spin they provide around the green are fantastic and therefore are the choice of world’s best players.
One final word of advice..We are all faced on occasion with that tricky shot over a deep bunker to a tight pin.The trick is not to see the bunker! Pick the shot you want to play and believe! It works!

The PGA professionals at Playgolf London are always on hand to provide advice on all aspects of your game. To book your short game lesson now, just call 020 8422 6697 or ask at Reception. We are here to help your game!